The Kelly Parcel – it’s about more than money

WDP has been advocating for folks to attend hearings regarding the potential public auction of the Kelly Parcel. We’ve had some push back from folks stating that the purpose of the land is to generate revenue for our schools. Here’s our response. –Wyoming Democratic Party

We do understand the purpose of the land. Three similar parcels have been sold to the National Park – with State Legislature approval – in the past, but this parcel is being considered for public auction.

Should this parcel go to auction, it’s highly likely that it will end up in the hands of developers who have no obligation for conservation. The rolling sagebrush is crucial winter range for elk, habitat for sage grouse, home to 87 “species of greatest conservation need,” including bighorn sheep, Brewer’s sparrows, western toads and Columbia spotted frogs, is a mule deer migration route that bridges to winter range on the Wind River Indian Reservation, and is the terminus of the Path of the Pronghorn, a threatened migration route antelope travel to access summer range in Grand Teton. Clearly, an auction on the open market is a threat to our public lands and wildlife habitats.

Two more public hearings are scheduled prior to the Dec 7, 2023 meeting where the decisions will supposedly be made. Nov 21 and Nov 28. Click here for details.

Office of State Lands and Investments

As Wyoming Democrats we are passionate advocates for our children’s futures, and we believe that protecting our public lands, and our wildlife, is crucial to our heritage. As such, we would like to see the land sold directly to the National Park.

We believe the value of this land is far more than monetary to the people of Wyoming, and hundreds of people from all different walks of life have shown up to these public meetings to say just that.