Kelly Parcel Land Auction

Note: The following came in from a Wyoming Democrat. While we attempt to share work that reflects the WDP platform, you may come across some words that are not exactly what WDP would have written. Perhaps you will agree with what you read below, perhaps not. Your mileage may vary.

The State Land and Investment Board now has the Kelly Parcel in their sights. They are looking to auction off the parcel and we are extremely concerned about the potential for commercial development.  At [Teton Dems’] recent meeting (which focused on water quality – another huge issue here), we passed a motion and the ensuing resolution is attached, and this article has more info:Kelly Parcel Up for Auction.

We are hoping people will turn out for the public hearings in Cody, Casper and Cheyenne, to show that this is a statewide concern and not just Teton County. Public comments close on December 1 and the OSLI board will meet on December 7.

resolution seeking support from other county parties regarding potential auction of kelly parcel in teton county.