WDP Statement on Hageman Inquiry Vote


DATE: December 14, 2023
CONTACT: Mandy Weaver, Communications Director

WDP Chair Joe M. Barbuto Statement on Hageman Impeachment Inquiry Vote

Cheyenne– Wyoming Democratic Party Chair Joe M. Barbuto released the following statement regarding Representative Harriet Hageman’s vote to advance the impeachment inquiry against President Biden.

“Congresswoman Harriet Hageman has pledged to ‘rein in waste, fraud, and abuse in the federal government.’ Her vote in favor of pursuing a sham impeachment inquiry against President Biden is a blatant violation of that pledge.

At a time when our nation needs serious, dedicated leaders, U.S. House Republicans are demonstrating once again that they are incapable of and uninterested in filling that role. Their lack of discipline and utter disregard for facts and truth is a slap in the face of every American.

Representative Hageman’s willingness to associate with and, worse yet, endorse the lies, ineptness and chaos of this caucus is a testament to her own lack of resolve to provide meaningful representation to the people of Wyoming.”

-WDP Chair Joe M. Barbuto