Union Strong in TN

Note: The following came in from a Wyoming Democrat. While we attempt to share work that reflects the WDP platform, you may come across some words that are not exactly what WDP would have written. Perhaps you will agree with what you read below, perhaps not. Your mileage may vary.

Volkswagen workers in Tennessee pass historic vote to unionize

Victory marks the first win in the United Auto Workers campaign to organize the Southern factories of a dozen automakers

This is the headline from this morning’s Washington Post. And this is truly good news; the vote wasn’t even close, and the 5500 union workers at this Volkswagen plant can expect to see their work lives improve and their communities prosper as a result.

As President Biden says, the best way to grow the economy is from the middle out and the bottom up, and unions are key. The trickle-down nonsense peddled by Ronald Reagan and Milt Freidman was always a lie, but a well-funded lie. 

As a reminder, the first plank in our Carbon County Platform is: 

ECONOMY: We believe in an economic system where everybody pays a fair share in taxes including American corporations with offshore operations. We believe working people have the right to form unions for collective bargaining to attain at least the minimum wage necessary for a small family to live at 138% of the poverty line with a single, full-time wage earner. We affirm Article 1, Section 22 of the Wyoming Constitution: The rights of labor shall have just protection through laws calculated to secure to the laborer proper rewards for his service and to promote the industrial welfare of the state.

Happy 20th day of April, 2024!


Dave Throgmorton