Morrow on Senator’s Vote

DATE: June 10, 2024
CONTACT: Mandy Weaver, Communications Director

Senator Barrasso’s Vote Against Right to Contraception Act Highlights GOP’s Continued Assault on Women’s Rights

Cheyenne – Senator Barrasso’s recent vote against the Right to Contraception Act is yet one more example of the war on women’s rights being waged by Republicans. Presumptive Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate Scott Morrow has released the following statement.

“It is unconscionable that Senator Barrasso voted against codifying a woman’s right to birth control. It’s bad enough that in 2022 he ballyhooed the effort to rip away women’s rights with the overturning of Roe v. Wade.

Denying a woman’s right to prevent pregnancy is outrageous, especially in the U.S. where the maternal mortality rate far exceeds that of other high-income nations. Senator Barrasso’s extreme positions endanger women. His stance violates the Wyoming Constitution, Article 1, Section 38, which guarantees each competent adult the right to make their own healthcare decisions without government interference.

Barrasso’s vote disgraces the Equality State. This issue is one of the many reasons I felt compelled to run against a Senator who serves the rich and powerful, not we the people.”